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Have you recently made the decision to relocate your business? Or maybe you are a landlord who needs to lease out your commercial space. Whether you’re thinking of office space for lease or buy in San Francisco big decisions have to be made – but finally you’ve taken that first step – you’ve made what is a smart move for you and your business. Now what to do?

Moving can be stressful for anyone, but if you’re in business it can become simply too much to handle, it can be time consuming, money consuming and often overwhelming if you are not sure of the rules. When you have a business to look after you cannot afford to take your eye off the ball. So how do you manage? Who should you call on? The first thing you must consider is which commercial real estate agent to choose – but don’t let this become another major decision making dilemma.

Thomas Mensendiek is owner and works full time in the Thomas Mensendiek Commercial Real Estate company, offering commercial property for lease, in addition to a variety of landlord services and tenant services. This small detail is a big deal and is what provides Thomas Mensendiek with a head start. Having the owner of the company, who has a vested interest in making his company provide the best service in town, gives you your first guarantee of quality and personal service.

Thomas was born in San Mateo and raised in the Bay area, so as a local, he really does know every nook and cranny in San Francisco. He has been in commercial real estate for many years and has expert knowledge in business locations and trends in the real estate market. In fact, Thomas’ only time away from San Francisco was when he studied at the University of Colorado majoring in Finance and Economics. If you are looking for professionalism, expertise, unique knowledge of the San Francisco area, solid business acumen backed up with years of experience, then you need look no further. Thomas and his team can help you on each and every level of your search of office space for lease in San Francisco or a commercial space services.

Thomas Mensendiek has a mission, not just to match what other real estate agents do – but to do it even better. He does this by providing you with quality service and professionalism – by never taking his vision off your objectives – this is not something that he simply claims to do – this is ingrained into every member of the team, this is their mission and objective and throughout every single detail of your journey you will see the high standards of service and professionalism and work ethos that lies behind this company. Bespoke, achievable objectives will be set up for you resulting in satisfactory results which will be reached within a realistic timeframe. The ethos of trust and confidentiality is core to the services provided by Thomas Mensendiek. Thomas and his team pride themselves on their research methods employed – ensuring only the best outcome for you. The guarantee of quality service and professionalism in every detail is what makes Thomas Mensendiek stand out from the crowd.

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