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Thomas Mensendiek was born, grew up and is now running his own business in San Francisco. Not many can claim to be as “local” as he is! His knowledge of the San Francisco area is second to none. Thomas and his team help you in the complex and intrinsic market that is commercial property for lease or for sale. Covering areas such as SOMA, Dogpatch, Mission and Bayview, you can be sure that your business will be strategically placed to attract business and reach out to your target market and clients. We can guarantee your retail business, restaurant, bar, boutique, will be sitting in the hottest part of San Francisco and you will enjoy the flow of business that comes with prime positioning.  We’ve successfully helped many businesses over the years who are still thriving in the city of San Francisco. Our team offers landlord property services, tenant representation services, and more for those in the San Francisco commercial property market.

The process of negotiating and signing a commercial lease is a laborious one that takes time and more importantly, requires expert knowledge. There are three main types of commercial property leases, Gross Lease (Full Service Lease), Net Lease and Modified Gross Lease – however, understanding the differences between them is highly important and the choice between which one is best for you and your business could actually be a make or break scenario.

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There can be many pitfalls along the way especially to the untrained eye. It is important to foresee where these pitfalls might occur and how to prevent future fall outs. This can only be avoided by entrusting a capable, professional commercial real estate agent where you are guaranteed quality work and professionalism. By choosing Thomas Mensendiek and his team you are safe in the knowledge that you have a team who know the local San Francisco area and have many connections in the business world within the community. They will answer all your questions and tick all the boxes for you. Do you have a particular concern? Maybe you’re afraid of being caught up in a long-term lease that you can’t get out off? Thomas Mensendiek completely understands your worries and concerns. He can give you reassurances and show you solutions to the things that are concerning you.  He knows the required steps necessary to negotiate a commercial lease that will protect you on all levels.

In choosing your commercial property for lease, Thomas Mensendiek will help you ascertain some of the following:

  • Once you have discussed with Thomas and his team what type of business you are in and your ideal property size and specific requirements, they can narrow down the search and present you with a list of suitable properties. This might seem like a simple part of the procedure but consideration must be given to the type of business you have – for example, if you’re running a take-away food service you might want to be placed in one area of town while an upmarket (Michelin star) restaurant needs to be placed in a different area.
  • Financial budget – this is another aspect of the commercial lease procedure that needs to be carefully considered. Thomas and his team will help you ascertain what type of properties you could lease, narrow the search and help you keep within your financial objectives
  • Accessibility – depending on the type of business you run, accessibility is a major consideration. You need to consider if your typical client comes from foot traffic, do you have a retail outlet on the high street?  or vehicle traffic – where car parking facilities need to be assessed and also calculated. Only the very experienced agent can guide you through this. 
  • To put your mind at ease Thomas Mensendiek will go through some of the more pertinent clauses in the lease with you – including the clause for the use of the property – this clause allows only certain types of businesses to use the property and is important if you ever want to sublet the property. The duration clause will also need to be assessed and will determine the length of your lease. A regular commercial property lease will run from 3 – 10 years – obviously a shorter lease puts less financial pressure on the leaseholder.  Another important clause is the Termination Clause – which, as the name suggests, ascertains when the lease will end – but it can also allow the tenant or landlord to terminate the lease contract with special conditions or circumstances. This is an important “get out” clause may help to give you some peace of mind, while it also gives the landlord rights to terminate in some circumstances so it is one that needs careful examination. We can offer help for either the tenant in need of representation or a property owner needing professional landlord representation.

There are many factors to consider when thinking about commercial property for lease – if a suboptimal lease agreement is reached the results could be detrimental and actually put you out of business.  For your own protection and the safeguarding of your much valued business we recommend you choose the team at Thomas Mensendiek for all your commercial property to lease needs. If you’re in need of a commercial property for rent or  office spaces for lease in San Francisco, Thomas Mensendiek can help! Contact us today.

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