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Navigating through the market for medical office spaces in San Francisco is no easy task. With one of the largest real estate markets in the country, San Francisco can be an intimidating place to try to set up shop in, but with a team of experts, there’s no need to fear. 

We consider ourselves all-rounders. We know the market, demographics and have so many solid business connections within San Francisco that nothing happens within the real estate world without us hearing about it first! Our vision and attention to up and coming trends in the San Francisco area is what lead us into the niche market that is commercial real estate for the medical industry.  Furthermore, we possess an unrivaled understanding in what is a very particular and somewhat complicated market. In order to avoid making mistakes when venturing into your “office spaces for lease in San Francisco” search, you should make sure that you have a local expert on your side. Making mistakes and taking risks in any commercial lease or rent transaction can cause stress, worry, financial and legal disasters – but this becomes particularly onerous when trying to negotiate your lease for commercial medical property.

The team at Thomas Mensendiek has it down to a science: we discover viable properties for you and our tough negotiating skills means we get the best deal possible for you. We have your objectives in mind at all times and strive to succeed in every search we carry out.  We have expertise knowledge of this niche market and have placed many clients in medical office spaces for rent or buy so we understand all the nuances in this intrinsic and unique market. Trying to take on this task by yourself will be time consuming and extremely risky.  

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Why is looking for commercial real estate property for the medical industry different?

Property use and machinery – When you are looking at medical office space for rent there are some big issues to be considered.  We’re not just thinking location, finding prime, street-level property, including good exposure to potential clients – by the very nature of what medical healthcare involves there are many more issues to be considered. For example, the use that the property will have – machinery such as X-ray machines, CT scans and other equipment being employed give off radiation. What about the disposal and / or treatment of hazardous or biomedical waste and products?  These make compliance regulation of utmost important in an already strictly controlled environment. If your commercial real estate medical representative doesn’t have expert knowledge in the rules and legislation involved, you could end up taking huge risks with unthinkable damage to you personally and to your business.

Hours of business – Very often medical centers, be it dentists, doctors, Eastern medicine practitioners, Chiropractors, physiotherapists, to name but a few, will have clients/patients calling at varying hours of the day. These businesses are rarely limited to 9-5 (many have 24 hour service available) and must therefore be suitably placed for this reason – allowing patients to come and go at varying times during the day.

Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act – A higher percentage of the “clients” / patients calling into commercial medical properties will have special access requirements.  For this reason it is imperative that attention is given to the exact wording of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) clause within the lease document.  It is known that commercial medical properties are more susceptible to controls and checks because of the high importance given to this issue.

Owner accessibility rights – With most contracts, landlords usually have rights to access commercial properties for inspection purposes or to show the property to another tenant. When it comes to commercial real estate for medical properties however, the access granted is more restricted. It is not feasible to have people walking in through rooms where patients are being treated or undergoing medical examinations or procedures or where there is hazardous machinery. This aspect should not be overlooked when drawing up the lease contract and the importance of who acts on your behalf should not be underestimated.

These are just a few of the issues that might arise when selecting your medical office space for rent, but rest assured that our team can take care of all your San Francisco real estate needs. From hiring a tenant rep to receiving landlord property services, our team offers it all.

San Francisco has fantastic potential for medical industries, but it can be expensive and often more expensive when looking at medical office space for rent – this is why you will want to know that you are making the best choices and that your choices uphold the legal requirements at every phase.

The only way you can guarantee this is to have the best people on board when you are choosing your medical office space. You really want to make sure your selected agent has his finger on the pulse at all levels. Choose Thomas Mensendiek and his team for all your SF real estate needs!

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