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The Smart Choice for Startup Rental Spaces in San Francisco

San Francisco is a hotbed for entrepreneurs looking to take their business concept to the next level. In fact, startup companies in the San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont metropolitan area collected $19.7 billion in venture capital in 2017 alone, making it the top-ranked city for investment deals.

But how do these budding businesses find startup space in San Francisco? With such a high demand, is it becoming more difficult to find adequate office space for startups?  

The short answer? Yes, of course the sheer number of businesses looking for a startup office space makes the real estate market a more tricky place to navigate. However, it can be done!

My approach to identifying top-rate, advisable properties in the San Francisco area is thorough and exhaustive. I use an in-depth analysis process to familiarize myself with your company’s unique and critical needs, ensuring that each objective or precedent will be met. From there, I strategically and persuasively negotiate with landlords or brokers to get you the startup office space of your dreams at a price-point that works.

By now, you’re probably wondering what, specifically, sets me apart from other real estate professionals in the Bay area. And I’m glad you are!

Here are a few of the distinct methods I use when helping clients locate a startup space in San Francisco:

Starting the Search Early

As an experienced real estate professional with extensive knowledge of San Francisco, I know that great deals rarely happen out of the blue. The earlier you identify your needs, begin your market research, and get a real estate expert to begin the hunt, the more likely you are to find a prime location that exceeds your expectations.

Tech office space in San Francisco, particularly, is in high demand. So don’t expect to waltz into the market unexpectedly and secure an ideal venue. I recommend answering the below questions at least 6-12 months before actively searching. Unless, of course, you have a very healthy budget.

  • Am I willing to lease? If so, would I prefer a short-term or long-term lease?
  • What are my must-have features that cannot be compromised on?
  • What neighbourhoods or areas of the city am I interested in? How strict am I on location? Would I be willing to see properties that could meet my needs, but are outside of my desired area?
  • What will my growth needs be over the next 2-5 years?
  • Am I prepared for the upfront costs of purchasing or leasing a property?
  • What amenities will my business require?
  • Is a physical space necessary for my business at this specific time?

Remember, once you have invested in a property, it’s much more difficult to undo the commitment than to take your time before purchasing. I’ll work with you to ensure you are making the right step at the right time, and from there, begin the hunt!

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Getting the Facts

Have you ever heard of a pro forma? It’s a document that details every expense and all income associated with a commercial property.

When representing my startup clients, I actively and competently secure information like pro forma documents so that you can make the most informed, clear-cut decision regarding your real estate investment.

In order to ensure profitability when deciding to buy an office space for startups, you need a real estate professional on your side who can deliver all of the facts. Including, but not limited to:

As a qualified and dedicated real estate representative, I see these responsibilities as targets that must be met in order to provide my clients with the level of excellence I have set as a standard. And I believe the business owners I serve respect this approach.

Maintaining Close Working Relationships

Unlike other massive real estate firms that service multiple cities and employ hundreds of real estate agents, I am focused solely on the San Francisco area. As a specialized firm, my team and I are able to provide a comprehensive service that is tailored to entrepreneurs operating within our city.

When you choose us to represent your startup office space purchase, you are guaranteeing that you will be working alongside a team that has a deep knowledge of the Bay area, and who will be available to answer your calls, meet with you, and keep you updated at every point along the way.

As a real estate professional, no one understands more that bigger isn’t always better. And we stand by our decision to separate ourselves from other franchised real estate companies that are unable to provide the same level of purposeful, personalized service.

Ultimately, we deliver unmatched tenant representation services by saving you time, frustration, and money, because we understand that moving your business is a life-changing, monumental decision.

If you’re interested in office space for startups in the San Francisco area, don’t wait! Contact us today and see for yourself why our past clients give us such positive reviews.

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