Landlord Representation

When thinking about leasing out or renting, many property owners overlook the enormity of the task.  Sometimes because they simply think that it is not necessary to call in the expertise of a qualified real estate agent that offers optimal landlord services. All too often they have it in their head that the cost is out of their reach, or that it simply isn’t necessary and therefore not worth the expense … what could be so difficult? Finding a suitable tenant for you is a big responsibility and a task that we take very seriously, with diligence and professionalism. Because we at Thomas Mensendiek are continuously researching, collecting data and connecting with the business community, the task of finding you the best possible tenant is made easier for us. Our experience has taught us how to assess first impressions of potential clients. We have strategic, technologically-enhanced tenant search methods and thoroughly screen potential tenants for you.

Let us tell you how you can benefit from hiring a premier landlord representative like the team of Thomas Mensendiek and how it can save you time and money. What we provide is 360° landlord services from the moment you contact us until the lease has been negotiated, drawn up and signed. We have been providing optimal landlord services in San Francisco for some years and our expert knowledge and ease with which we unlock doors for our clients is unquantifiable. We are a team of qualified members of the San Francisco Association of Relators, offering commercial office space for lease within the San Francisco area with advice and guidance in your real estate journey. 

How will Thomas Mensendiek’s team of highly qualified professionals help you with their excellent landlord services?

Analysis of objectives – The first stage involves getting to know you and what your objectives are. We assess your property and its potential and set up strategies to meet your objectives within an agreed timeframe.  We carefully comb through our database and use our business connections to identify tenants that are best suited to your property. Strategic advertising and market methods are employed to ensure your property has high profile visibility for our recognized target group.  As a landlord we are aware that you are looking to increase the value and prestige of your property while at the same time securing the right, long-term, tenant. We help you achieve this by providing proactive client-focused landlord services where your objectives become our goals.  We have been in this business in the San Francisco are for many years and we really do have our finger on the pulse when it comes to market trends, demographics, rates, occupancy trends and legislation.

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Marketing and Advertising  – We are leaders in marketing of commercial property in the San Francisco area and your property will be strategically marketed only targeting the most suited tenant demographic to your needs. We take all the necessary steps to ensure that your property has high-profile visibility. We use strategic advertising methods and the most high profile mediums including social media.

Potential tenant analysis and background checks – We take on the somewhat delicate task of screening your prospective tenants and only consider credit-worthy clients – a task that might cause you some unease and where often you might not have access to confidential records that we do. We do this with the utmost sensitivity and on the highest level of confidentiality.

Legalities – We look after the intrinsic and complicated bureaucratic side of your project. With our many years of experience we know what to look for and what pitfalls to avoid. We prepare letters of intent and make sure all the formalities leading up to contract signing have been diligently followed through.

Follow up and property management – We offer optimal property management services. Having taken great care to procure the best tenant for your property we check payments, do inspections, carry out repair work when necessary. We will go the extra bit for you ensuring that your tenant is happy and that you are achieving the best possible outcome from your property. We will look after problems or issues that are unique to your property and tenant, and no issue is ever too big for us to resolve. We currently have a large portfolio on our records and are used to dealing with the many nuances involved in managing properties and tenants. One current property on our portfolio is the Takahashi Building on Rhode Island – which we are presently managing – but we also manage smaller properties, and offer office space for lease in San Francisco and a variety of commercial or industrial properties.

Give us a call today – we’ll gladly offer you advice and you will see firsthand how efficient and professional we are.  We are confident that you will be 100% sure of your choice when you partner with Thomas Mensendiek. Whether it be our excellent landlord services, reliable tenant representation, or our medical office spaces for rent, we have all your needs covered!

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