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Did you know that by choosing the tenant representation services of the highly qualified team at Thomas Mensendiek it’s like putting money into your savings account?  We can help you save on time, frustration, stress AND money.  We cannot overstate how important expert tenant representation is in the city of San Francisco.

What you get from the Thomas Mensendiek team:

Analysis – During our first meetings we assess your specific requirements and needs.  This is where the building blocks of our successful, long-term working relationship starts. This connection is vital and allows us to have insight into your needs and objectives so that we can align them with our goals.  This isn’t limited to knowing your space requirements or location preferences, we also analyze your economic objectives.  We provide you with a bespoke service . We recognize that every client is unique with a unique set of objectives. We pride ourselves in our two-way communication approach – meetings are set up, every detail of your needs are evaluated and goals are set. We consult with our team of experts and go through our vast database of potential properties. Our database is not limited to properties currently on the market. Our expert, ears-on-the-ground team have access to information about upcoming properties in all areas of San Francisco.
Negotiation – We skillfully negotiate between landlord and brokers – having our expert tenant representation gives you the security of knowing you are in the best possible hands . We are proficient negotiators, with years of experience, and recognize all the pitfalls and strategies used to lure clients into what might not always seem like the deal it first appears to be. You should not underestimate the damage (financial and possibly legal) you might find yourself in if negotiations do not go your way. But not only do we have hawk-eyes for potential pitfalls – we often come away from negations with extra benefits or concessions that only a trained, expert tenant representative like the team at Thomas Mensendiek can achieve.   We will protect you from hidden risks, keeping your interests and legal rights in our vision at all times. In short, we look after the A-Z of this critical stage for you.

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Positioning experts – we have completed so many contracts in every corner of San Francisco that no-one can compare with our expertise when it comes to knowing where to strategically place your business. Where your business is positioned or finding the right tenant within the city (or beyond) should be seen as a potential asset and value enhancing opportunity for you and your business. We will look at your business analysis and direct you to the most strategically beneficial area of town.  This analysis is done in the early stages of our meetings and we keep your objectives in mind all the way through the process.

The bureaucratic and legal aspects of successfully drawing up a contract can weigh on even the most savvy property owner.  Having worked in the competitive and strict market that is San Francisco area, for many years, we have in depth knowledge of the tenant laws and regulations that will make the transition safe and legally secure. By choosing Thomas Mensendiek to look after your needs you can be sure that you are signing a safe, legally binding contract that has your best interests at the core.  Allow us at Thomas Mensendiek to give you the guarantee of a stress free handover.

Beyond the lease signing we promise to continue looking after your needs – you have the peace of mind of knowing that all our negotiation deals and interaction with brokers and landlords are kept on record and should there be any questions in the future we have the backup proof that you might need to show exactly what was signed, said by who, where, when and why!

To conclude, keep in mind just a few things: moving your business is not something you do every day – this is why it is important to do it with the best possible outcome with the maximum value to your property being obtained. Investing wisely in your choice of tenant representation will ensure hassle free communications and a smooth transition.  Trying to do it alone will cause stress, cost money and might even come back to haunt you in the future.

Put yourself in expert hands with Thomas Mensendiek and team. With years of experience, from landlord services to tenant representation, to office spaces for lease in San Francisco, you’ll be guided through the entire process with confidentiality and professionalism.

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