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5 Cool Office Spaces: The Best Creative Interior Design Ideas

By Over the past 15 years or so the trend towards

The Best Creative Interior Design Ideas

Over the past 15 years or so the trend towards stimulating and creative, yet practical, office space has become more and more a priority. The office space must meet the business needs of the company but also, or it would seem, especially, must meet the needs of the people who work there. Creative office design means not just creating a practical workplace but also a fun, relaxing space which looks good. Of course, cool office designs can be visually stimulating and practical, meeting the needs of the business and the needs of the people in the company. While color schemes and charts along with futuristic furniture make for the best office interiors we need to be mindful that all space has been optimized for the commercial aims of the business. The core values and objectives of the organization will be mirrored and creative office space will help to increase productivity.  Creative office space design is both stimulating for the workers and is visually pleasing to visitors.




So what companies have a cool office space?


  Google – no surprise that the tech giant is on the list of most creative office designs.  Google has offices all over the world and they are all bursting with cool office ideas. Take their Swiss office in Zurich for example where real ski gondolas are used as hanging cubicles! Google offices around the world are full of innovative designs and quirky extras for the workers and they almost seem to be competing with each other for creative office space ideas! The New York Google offices have colorful hammocks where staff can literally “hang out”.  All Google offices are designed to keep the culture and country of the host country in mind and the Google London office doesn’t disappoint. From its cool British Union Jack walls to its 200 capacity event room aptly named the “Town Hall”. This Google office boasts cozy, high backed armchair filled rooms with soft, fun furnishing reminiscent of a cozy living space.

  The Lego Office in Denmark embraces the fun and colors of its worldwide brand. They have the best office designs which are created for workers to “play” in all day.  Being the designer of one of the best known and most popular toys in the world, the company does play and recreation with such ease and encourages it within the workforce. The thinking behind the use of cool office space using bold colors (just like their toy blocks) and large airy rooms is that creation and imagination are stimulated leading to creative, innovative ideas for the Lego brand.

  The Toms offices in Los Angeles is up there with the best office spaces. Their aim to help a person in need with every purchase is truly noble. They also aim to keep their team members happy with motivational signs posted everywhere but their big, blue, indoor slide must surely win the cool office space idea award. Feeling tired but don’t want to wait for the elevator? No problems, hop inside this giant indoor slide and get to the next floor in a fun, fast way.  The Toms offices also have space for their staff’s four-legged friends and it is completely dog-friendly with designated areas for dogs to chill out.

  The Square payment system is making commerce and payment easier for everyone while ensuring their staff is happy at work. Founded in 2009 the company headquarters in San Francisco have embodied the cool office space philosophy that is trending among tech companies of this era. The office space is designed in a way that allows designers to work alongside engineers. The company promotes small teams working together and the design of the interior space allows for this.  Creative office space ideas led to the creation of small “neighborhoods” with conference rooms being named after streets and all having window seats for each person to sit on and take in the magnificent views of San Francisco below.

  The new AOL offices in Palo Alto have embraced the 1980’s corporate style. Drop ceilings hang over every office and ceilings are exposed to open up space while creating a blank canvas effect. Floors are concrete and colorful furnishings give this cool office space a warehouse feel. Like many modern companies, open spaces were created to encourage teamwork and creative collaboration. The meeting room consists of a series of strategically placed circular pods, made from translucent fiberglass, they can be used by everybody but cannot be reserved which encourages the movement of people and enhances the creativity of thought.

What stands out with each of these companies in the search for best office design is the direct correlation between happy staff and creativity and productivity. These companies spend millions to get the balance just right in creating cool office space, innovative design, with the most up-to-date software and technology in order to optimize the workspace with a keen focus on the well-being of the worker.  These companies care about their employees and know that happy staff means productivity. It appears that the trend to have cool office space makes employees happy and the introduction of quirky spaces, games and creative office design proves that it is not just beneficial for kids!


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