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Cool Startup Designs & Ideas for Your Small Business Office

By When choosing a space for your startup business

Startup Office Designs

When choosing a space for your startup business, there are plenty of factors to consider. You want your office to be highly functional, yet refreshing and stimulating, creating an environment where employees feel motivated, engaged, and properly supported to complete their operational tasks.


It’s a balancing act that can be overwhelming, and many business owners end up compromising on some of these aspects, opting to hit the ground running before achieving a startup office design that meets all of their needs.


Yet it is a proven fact that our work environments impact our ability to perform.


In fact, a well-lit and well-ventilated work space has been found to increase workplace productivity by 16 percent.


And employees who say their workplace suffers from poor design and uncomfortable furniture are 3X more likely to say their environment hinders their productivity.


Thankfully, the world’s best startup offices have embraced these findings, and have taken them into consideration.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing some of the leading trends in startup office design, as well as providing examples of businesses who have implemented them.








More than ever before, companies are investing in flexible work stations and areas that employees can use on an as-needed basis.


In fact, according to the 2018 Work Environment Survey, 85 percent of respondents believe flexible workplace design is important, and 83 percent say they have their best ideas when working in flexible spaces.


There are number of companies that incorporate flexibility flawlessly, especially in the world of tech startup offices, but perhaps the most compelling example comes from Spotify, the mega digital music service.


Their New York City office incorporates flexibility in a host of ways, from their selection of undesignated team workspaces, to their comfortable common areas and an open-concept design that makes connecting easy.


Spotify’s NYC office makes use of flexible, undesignated common work areas where employees can collaborate.

This approach gives Spotify employees the option to move around while they work— an ability that will be essential for all of the coolest startup offices in 2019 and beyond.


This is because 80 percent of professionals say they are more productive when they can move to a different room or environment while working.


Thus, if you want to be remain competitive and ahead of the curve with your startup office design, incorporating flexibility should be at the top of your to-do list.



When it comes to including art and visual inspiration in your startup office design, the benefits speak for themselves.


In fact, according to a study by the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association of Professional Art Advisors:


94 percent of professionals agree that art enhances the work environment

78 percent say that it contributes to reduced stress

64 percent say it increases creativity and productivity

and 67 percent say it enhances morale


So, what are you waiting for?


When brainstorming business office ideas, this one should be a must-have.


One example of a brand that has embraced the impact visual inspiration can have is Lyft, the rideshare company whose flagship office can be found in San Francisco.


Lyft is known for its signature bright pink hue, which is incorporated into all branded materials. But the company took their highly-recognized pantone and took it one step further, including it in various art installations inside their tech startup office as well.


Lyft’s San Francisco office makes use of unique, abstract visuals in their signature bright pink hue to bring excitement and whimsy to their office space.



This is without a doubt a feature that all of the coolest startup offices will have in common in 2019 and beyond.


Since millennials will account for 46 percent of all U.S. workers by the year 2020, companies of all sizes have no choice but to embrace the workplace features that are most important to this demographic. And wellness is one of them.


In fact, 53 percent of millennials say that health and wellness is a major priority for them.


And focusing on wellness in the workplace doesn’t just benefit the employee. It also yields great returns for the company as well.


To be more precise, more than half of employers who offer wellness programs and measure the results say they’ve seen a decrease in employee absenteeism. In addition, 63 percent are experiencing financial sustainability and growth in their organization, 66 percent reported increased productivity and 67 percent say employees are more satisfied.


One business that has embraced workplace wellness is Spins LLC, an insights, analytics, and consulting company in Chicago, IL.


They offer their employees an in-house fitness centre, complete with yoga studio. And they also have a kitchen stocked with organic, healthy meal options at all times, along with office space that is designated for meditation and relaxation.


Spins LLC’s features a kitchen completely stocked with healthy, organic meal options for employees, and is designed to encourage employees to cook, prepare, and enjoy meals together. We recommend checking out these health-focused businesses for more inspiration on how to include wellness in your startup office design.


And if you’re looking for a startup office space for rent in San Francisco, give us a call today!