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Flexible Workstations & Office Space Design Strategies

By Perhaps you’ve recently hired some new employees. Maybe your office was built a while ago and could use a spruce.


Perhaps you’ve recently hired some new employees. Maybe your office was built a while ago and could use a spruce. Or, perhaps your team members regularly collaborate with one another, and a rigid seating arrangement doesn’t quite meet their day-to-day needs.


Whatever situation you’re facing, a flexible office space design can be an extremely effective solution.


Flexible workspaces are built with adaptability and versatility in mind. In a nutshell, they eliminate the need for your business to adapt to its surroundings by making it possible for your surroundings to adapt to your business needs.

What is Flexible office Space?


Flexible office spaces feature a balance of both open and private work areas. This mixed approach to design allows employees to gather and collaborate when necessary, but also provides disturbance-free zones where team members can work autonomously. 


Private areas often include sound-proof phone booths, secluded meeting rooms, and offices with doors where employees can work separately from others.


On the flip side, collaboration is made easier by open spaces with plenty of room to gather or rearrange seating to allow for coworking. These multi-purpose designs feature flexible workstations and furniture, like mobile tables with wheels, and configurable cubicle panels, which make rearranging the office simple and seamless.


Lastly flexible offices have layouts that promote a harmonious, free-flowing work environment. They accommodate traffic flow by keeping busy areas like kitchens and lobbies away from desks and work areas, and most importantly, they create unity by focusing on making the space as a whole work for everyone.

The Benefits of a Flexible Workspace Design


Research has shown that there are many advantages that come from working in a flexible office. 


Below are some of the most compelling benefits:




One study found that

85 percent of office professionals

surveyed believe flexible workplace design is important, and that 83 percent have their best ideas when working in flexible space options.


In another example, after designing a modern, flexible workplace, employees at


were asked if they felt the new arrangement improved their personal productivity, and a whopping

77 percent

reported that it had.



Employee Happiness

When a business has happy employees, they experience higher retention rates, less stress-related work absences, and better overall performance.


Studies show that

34 percent of employees

who work in flexible spaces feel more creative and inspired, and 53 percent of workers say they value being able to work in different locations throughout the office.


So, if you’re looking for ways to boost team morale, a workspace office that promotes flexibility could be the perfect solution.



Employee Health

Did you know that

95 percent of workers

say their office environment is important to their wellbeing and mental health? Or that

84 percent of respondents

say they are more engaged and motivated in offices that facilitate coworking and collaboration? 


The more disconnected and uninspired your employees feel, the more their health (and your business) will suffer. In fact, stress, anxiety, and depression

account for over half (57 percent)

of total missed days due to self-reported illness.


Flexible workstations can make your employees feel empowered, valued, and connected to coworkers, helping them beat the difficulties of mental illness.

How to Transition Your Office to a Flexible Design

When changing the layout and functionality of your office space, it’s important to consult with your employees and keep the lines of communication open.


In fact, it might be a good idea to discuss your ideas with your team before you decide on flexible designs for your new and improved space.


By welcoming input from your staff members, you can make them feel included in the process and ensure you implement changes that actually enhance their day-to-day working experience.


It may also be a good idea to partner with an interior design agency that has experience helping businesses create flexible workstations and office environments. These professionals often come to the table with innovative, contemporary solutions that you may not have come up with on your own.

Elements to Include in Any Flexible Office Design


Below are some simple changes that can make to achieve a more flexible workspace design:


  • Flexible furniture (desks with wheels, configurable partitions, roving whiteboards, etc.)

  • Charging stations, AV hookups, projectors, and smart televisions in as many rooms as possible.

  • Transparent features, like glass walls and windows, to bring more light into your space.

  • Zen zones, with comfortable seating and sound-proofing, where employees can go to unwind, de-stress or tap into their creativity. 

  • Desks with sit-stand capabilities.

  • Laptops, so employees can move freely about the office.

  • Lightweight storage lockers and cabinets that can be easily moved from one location to another.

  • Window shades that are easy to lift and lower so employees can adjust them easily throughout the day.

  • Private phone booths or dedicated rooms for private conversations.


Are you looking for

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