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How to Create a Feng Shui Office

By An office is a place where we spend a lot of time in, so it’s essential to make sure that it is a place where we can be our most productive and preserve our energy for the daily challenges that need to be overcome.

The best office environment

Creating a Feng Shui Office


An office is a place where we spend a lot of time in, so it’s essential to make sure that it is a place where we can be our most productive and preserve our energy for the daily challenges that need to be overcome.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

In fact, a lot of offices don’t follow any logic in the way that they are designed and arranged, which can make it harder for people to focus and can even cause strain and stress.

That’s why a feng shui office makes so much sense.

With a feng shui office design, you can create a harmonic environment that can enhance creativity and productivity, helping you to feel great at the workplace and achieve your daily and long-term goals.

But how can you feng shui your office? Well, let’s explore some of the most effective feng shui office tips and strategies that you can start implementing as soon as today.

Assess Your Office Space

Before creating a feng shui business office, you must first do a thorough assessment of the workspace and look for the most obvious issues that need to be fixed.

You might find that there are disbalances already which will become apparent immediately – you will have to deal with these first before you can move on to more subtle or advanced office feng shui bagua such as adding feng shui office pictures or achieving a more dynamic balance of furniture placement.

Declutter and Set Up a System

One of the biggest problems with feng shui at work is clutter and disorganization. When multiple people are working in a stressful environment, they don’t have time to keep everything tidy, and the office can quickly become messy.

That’s why you must take a proactive approach in decluttering your office and setting up a system that will help you and your colleagues keep a tidy office with less effort.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a huge space or want to create a feng shui small office, the underlying principles remain the same – don’t overcrowd the areas and the surfaces with furniture and stuff, and try to keep everything balanced, neat, and tidy.

Try to Get More Natural Light

Few things can be as discouraging to a positive working environment like having to spend most, if not all hours every day working under artificial lighting.

Humans crave sunlight and natural light, and being cramped up in the office without it can have severe negative consequences to both mental and physical health of your employees or coworkers.

That’s why, whenever possible, you should try and get as much natural light in the office as possible. That may mean you’ll have to rearrange desks, tables, and other furniture to maximize the natural light that is available, but it will be well worth the effort.

If you still need to use artificial lighting, make sure you use incandescent full-spectrum light bulbs, if it is possible, as they have been reported to have the least negative effects.

Utilize Pictures and Artworks

Sometimes seemingly minor details can make a massive difference in the way you feel in your workplace – even a few pictures or works of art hanging on the walls can brighten the room, provide it with the necessary accents, and help break up the monotony of the walls.

You should choose pictures and feng shui paintings for office that are engaging, inspiring, and refreshing, so that they fill you with positive emotions every time you look at them.

If you’re feeling stumped, thinking ‘how to feng shui my office,’ hanging up a few pictures may be an excellent simple step you can take that won’t require much effort, but can have a significant impact.

Have a Place to Unwind

Even though the office is a place for work, you must find time to recenter yourself to ensure that you’re performing at your best and don’t burn out.

That’s why it’s essential that you set out a small space or corner of your office where you can collect your thoughts, either through meditation or by simply giving yourself five or ten minutes to get away from the daily stress.

If you have enough space, it could be a sofa or an armchair, but if not, even a floor cushion or your regular office chair can work just as well. As long as you can tune out of work for a few moments and relax, that’s all that matters.

Even though a feng shui office can be very effective, there’s only so much you can do with an office space that’s just not right for your needs.

So, if you want to find the perfect San Francisco office that checks off all the boxes for what you’re looking for, call Thomas Mensendiek today at 1-415-865-6117, and he’ll introduce you to some of the best deals in the city.