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Insight Into the Amazing Office Space Rentals in San Francisco

By San Francisco has certainly made its mark on

Insight Into Office Rentals

San Francisco has certainly made its mark on the globe when it comes to hosting generations of brilliant, creative and passionate whizz kids who have changed the way in which we work and the way we assess the office space that we want to work in.


In this dynamic and hip city where some of the best office spaces for lease have been taken up by tech and web companies, employing boundless talent, from logical thinking engineers to dreamy artists, it is interesting to take a look at how these companies and people have changed the parameters when considering office space design and needs.


Gone are the days of drab, stuffy offices with individual work space.  The change that many new, innovative companies have brought to San Francisco office spaces for lease have been revolutionary to say the least, changing the way people work and changing the work culture. It is exactly the culture of the company that has had a seismic shift – no longer does the company dictate the culture of the workplace – but it is the workplace which dictates the culture.  Let’s take a closer look:


If we consider the Airbnb  – the website that allows you to rent rooms, apartments or  luxury villas online from hosts based in every corner of the world.  Walk into their open-planned office space in SOMA and you will immediately recognize the international feel that is core to this company.  You are welcomed in a spacious, open atrium which is overlooked by many country-themed office spaces.  The visitor is immediately reminded of the “homes” available to rent from Airbnb where office space has been created with some of the websites most popular listings in mind – for example there are 8 uniquely themed meeting rooms, one of which is designed like a Mexican log cabin.  Other features are the camping meeting rooms where walls are replaced by tents!  Other inspirations have come from Cairo and Mumbai where employees can work or relax over a coffee in the themed cafés, Italy is the inspiration of the living room where employees can have down time and relax in a comfortable and calming atmosphere.


The tendency to look at tech companies when trying to figure out what today’s trends in office design are goes back to Google’s placement in San Francisco – they certainly set the bar and gave us a non-conventional approach to an employee centered office space. Their notion of collective workspace has become a must today for many companies looking for office space for rent in San Francisco.  The idea that employees  are more innovative when collaborating and working collectively has been given high importance and is something many companies consider when looking at office space to lease.




Google is at the heart of allowing enjoyment and playfulness to become a part of the company culture. They created “play” areas where employees could relax, play games together,  inspiring creativity and innovation in a relaxed environment.  This concept is prevalent today and many other companies have followed suit.


Many companies looking for office property for rent in San Francisco search for inspiration from nature.  Airbnb have a “green wall” in their atrium and the successful construction company, Buck O’Neill’s office space was inspired by recycled and green materials – the heart of the company’s ethos and a call out to their unique use of materials.


In today’s world of an increasingly mobile workforce it is also important for businesses to have offices that entice their employees to come to work – productivity and creativity increase when people work together.  A relaxing, office space helps encourage the employee to come to the office, to mix with colleagues and build relationships that lead to productivity and creativity. The trend of a collaborating, cohabiting workforce in San Francisco can attest to this. Whether you’re looking for commercial property for lease in San Francisco or tenant representation, Thomas Mensendiek and his team can help with all your San Francisco realty needs.