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New Office Checklist: The Necessary Things Needed In an Office

By When setting up a new office in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Necessary Things Needed In an Office

When setting up a new office in the San Francisco Bay Area, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need. The things needed in an office aren’t always obvious until you realise you don’t have them!


That’s why it’s a good idea to write and follow a comprehensive “new office checklist”. This will ensure you set up everything correctly and have all the items that your workspace should have.


Your new office checklist should take into account your budget, available space, decor and functional needs. A little planning will go a long way in providing a practical and efficient workspace. Office spaces geared towards tech, startups, finance and other commercial businesses are especially in need of thoughtful planning.


What Do I Need to Set Up an Office?

If you’ve never set up a new office before, you may feel a little overwhelmed. This is understandable, especially if your business is new and you’ve just purchased or rented a new office space. The important thing to remember is that the more time you spend planning, the more productive your office will be in the future. Set aside some time to do some proper research. Talk to friends and colleagues about their offices. Visit an office supplies showroom and discuss your plans with the shop assistant. Most importantly, take notes of everything you think you and your staff will need.


Things Required for New Office Setup

Consider what are things required for new office setup before you get started. You’ll need not only tools for the day-to-day, but over the entire period that you’ll be in the office. Check if the office already provides any furnishings or other tools before you move in.


To help with setting up an office checklist, it’s a good idea prioritise the equipment and other elements that are most important to your business requirements first. Keep in mind that every business is different: what’s essential for one workplace might not be so important to another. Consider the type of work your company does and what it relies on most. Take a look at offices in similar businesses to give you idea about what you might need on your basic office equipment checklist. In any case, your new office checklist should include:


Fire safety tools, including fire exit signage and extinguishers.

A secure access control system, such as swipe cards or keys.

Kitchenette facilities, such as a kettle or coffee-maker, and a microwave

Restroom facilities that account for the number of staff in the office. Disabled access is also necessary.

Temperature control, such as a heat pump and/or air conditioning system.

Ducting for electronics cables. Thes can be under-floor or wall-mounted.

Reception area and waiting room.

New Office Equipment Checklist

Every office should be equipped with the right tools for business. Even if you work mostly from a computer, you’ll still need simple things like stationery and business cards! At the very least, an office equipment checklist should include these items: 


A4 and letter headed paper for printing

Notepads and post-its

Pens, pencils and highlighters

File folders

Filing cabinets

Envelopes and stamps

Office Infrastructure List

A smooth-running office should be built from the ground up. There’s a lot more to an office than just a few computers on desks! You’ll need to think about wiring, software programs, internet connectivity, licensing and telephone access. In today’s digital age, it’s safe to say that communication is the key to most businesses, so activating your internet and telephone system should be your main priorities.


Your basic infrastructure should include:


Hardware: Computers and internet access equipment such as routers, wireless access points. Printers, fax machines, telephones. High-speed internet connectivity – both wired and wireless – is a must for any office.

Software: File servers, applications for email, VPN services, antivirus, backup servers, OS/application licensing.

Other infrastructure may include cable runs, internet service providers, firewall configuration.

Security: Consider what level of security you will need to protect your office. Cameras and alarm systems are vital not only for keeping your equipment and other assets safe, but for the peace of mind (and rights) of your staff.

Other Items on a New Office Checklist


When all the business-related infrastructure is in place, it’s time to think about the tools and services that support other aspects of the office environment. A clean, happy office has a major impact on productivity and staff wellbeing!


Daily housekeeping services: A shared office space should be cleaned daily or weekly so that mess and clutter doesn’t interfere with your work.

Technical support: When problems arise with computers or other aspects of the business, help should be easy to access.

Comfortable workstations: A productive office should provide plenty of space and storage areas for its staff, along with ergonomic desks, chairs and tables.

Aesthetics: Creatively-designed interiors can help boost employee motivation and energy. A little artwork and tasteful interior design can go a long way in creating a positive, productive vibe in the workplace.

A new office checklist is the perfect tool to use to ensure you and your business has everything needed to succeed in your commercial office space. If you are looking for commercial office space for rent, create an “opening a new office checklist” and give Thomas Mensendiek and team a call today!