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Office Decor Ideas: Best Tips to Elevate Your Workspace

By Working in a relaxed, engaging environment has a huge impact on our overall mood and efficiency. But did you know that work office decor can play a big role in the success of your business?

Personal Desk

9 Office Decor Ideas for Boosting Creativity

Working in a relaxed, engaging environment has a huge impact on our overall mood and efficiency. But did you know that work office decor can play a big role in the success of your business?

The best business office decorating ideas are those that balance the coziness of home with a formal corporate image. A chic office decor enriched with color, life, and motivation yields a contented, healthy work environment for your employees to flourish in.

Looking for some cool office decor inspiration? Here are 9 ideas for decorating your office at work.

The Best Office Decor Ideas

1. Bring In Nature

One of the best office decor ideas is to bring nature into your workplace. You can include indoor plants and blooming flowers to add color and a breath of freshness into your office.

While these plants require extra care, they will instantly beautify your dull workplace environment. They not only look fresh and pretty, but also smell amazing and are an instant mood-lifter.

Just gazing upon them can help you feel more stress-free, and looking after them will give your workweek an additional purpose.

2. Play With Colors

Gone are the days of offices being painted in all shades of grey. Today, some of the best office decor ideas involve experimenting with colors.

Ditch the neutrals and incorporate bright and playful colors into the office. But don’t go overboard. Remember, too much color can add visual noise to the office, causing more harm than good.

Choosing the right color scheme can add a consistent, personality-filled vibe to your otherwise totally cookie-cutter office.

3. Hang Framed Artwork

Let’s face it: You spend more time in the office than you do in your home, right?

So you definitely need some inspirational, attractive pieces to look at to keep you going throughout the day.

Select simple, stylish frames in a range of sizes, and fill them with inspiring artwork. This not only conceals those unappealing connector lines that many offices have, but also provides you with a visual escape when you need it.

4. Keep It Simple With Acrylic Desks

The next entry on our list of cool office design ideas are acrylic desks.

Though these desks don’t really have drawers or storage of any kind, that’s actually the simplistic beauty of these items.

The best part about these desks is that you’ll have to keep them decluttered at all times, keeping only those things you're okay with looking at all day long.

5. Outline Spaces Using Colorful Rugs

Rugs are a great way to outline various spaces without making physical walls. Got a huge space with several sections? Consider separating those zones with colorful rugs.

For smaller workplaces, you can still use rugs by putting them underneath furniture to act as attractive accents. Or, you can put one directly in your office doorway.

Just one or two color-coordinated rugs can really perk up your entire office. They are ideal for visual interest as well as calming sound-absorption.

6. Add Unique Furniture

Looking for office ideas that are long-lasting? Consider investing in unique furniture pieces like elegant couches, colorful chairs, or tables.

From printed ottoman chairs to leather poufs and chaise lounges, you’re bound to find plenty of artistic furniture items that reflect your business.

7. Include Attention-grabbing Office Supply Storage

No matter how ‘digital’ you go, you just can’t omit the paperwork—files, resumes, notes, agreements, whatever!

But you can certainly feel less awful about all the papers and mess you might have by storing and organizing them in stylish, fancy drawers and storage boxes.

Similarly, you can put all your paper clips and pins, and even stationery in colorful holders and jars.

8. Install Organizing Bins To The Walls

Installing organizing bins to your walls is one of the best work office ideas for smaller workplaces. It’s an outstanding use of vertical space, making your workspace look stylish while staying organized.

You can fix these bins directly to the cubicle walls or put them in the corner of every desk, where they are still visible and easy to access but are not in the way.

9. Play With Lighting

Our list of top office decor ideas is incomplete without mentioning the lighting. You can’t deny the importance of a well-lit office, can you?

One way to glam up your workplace is by revitalizing your lighting. Use dazzling lamps and fancy holders with gold detailing to give your space an extravagant, yet professional feel.

Summing It Up

There you have it: 9 office decor ideas that can revamp your workplace instantly.

Efficiency, organization, success, and contentment are all influenced by your environment. Your office is the hub of your work. So make it one that stimulates you to innovate, challenge yourself, and work smarter.

If you’re looking for a well-decorated San Francisco office space that reflects your brand, contact Tom Mensendiek today. We’ll help you find the office of your dreams.