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Office Design Trends: Best Layouts for Productivity

By Over the past few years, office design has evolved radically. Gone are the days of stodgy cubicles and in are the days of unique, open designs.

Office Design Trends

Top 6 Office Design Trends To Boost Productivity

Over the past few years, office design has evolved radically. Gone are the days of stodgy cubicles and in are the days of unique, open designs.


However, while modern office design trends change with time, one thing that doesn’t vary is the influence that the office environment has on employee health and welfare.

Office building trends have the power to make your workplace less stressful and more productive. And that’s what employees want.

Around 87% of employees would like their current employer to offer better workspace benefits, including wellness rooms, sit-stands, and ergonomic seating.

Want to have the best office space design for productivity? Here are the top 6 office design trends you should embrace in 2020.

Best Office Design Trends

1. Go Green Or Go Home

One of the modern trends in office layout is making your office environment-friendly and close to nature. Workplaces are going green, bringing the outdoors within the office premises.

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the positive effects of nature on their workers. They are keenly striving to include natural materials like wood and stone, and use nature-inspired shapes and hues to artistically open up spaces in the workplace.

Water fountains and in-house fireplaces can create a wow factor, whereas office plants will help ensure better air quality and improved quality of life for workers.

2. Embrace Technology

You can’t have the best office design for productivity without leveraging technology.

Companies today are embracing beacon technology, touch tables, and wireless systems for delivering presentations and video conferences in shared work environments.

Make sure that power sockets and charging slots are easy to access while any wires must be smartly concealed in the workplace furniture.

It’s also time to revamp your reception area. A large number of businesses are already integrating technology into their reception by adopting clever guest registration tools, swaying their visitors and workers alike.

3. Go Incognito With Privacy Pods

Unlike the old fashioned cubicles that hindered communication, companies today are exploring the idea of privacy pods. They allow employees to retreat into a safe, quiet space away from prying eyes, noise, and disruptions.

These privacy pods are designed to avoid interruptions and provide your workers with sound-proof and distraction-free comfort to concentrate on their work.

However, they aren’t going to replace the open workspaces. They’ll be used alongside them, so your workers can switch between areas that are independently designed for different kinds of work.

Got no space? Consider repurposing small meeting rooms that aren’t used frequently into privacy pods.

4. Install Movable Desks

Research has associated sitting for extended periods of time with a number of health problems. This is why modern office design trends are replacing sitting and standing desks with the height-adjustable desk.

With the movable table, your workers can modify their entire workspace to suit their needs. Unlike the standing desk, they don’t have to move all their belongings from their workspace to the desk and back.

Now, all their stuff can remain on the same workstation every time they opt to alternate between standing and sitting.

Undoubtedly, height-adjustable desks are set to become a part of the best office layout for productivity in 2020.

5. Flex It With Flexible Spaces

In 2020, expect flexible spaces to offer more balance and productivity by ingeniously combining the varying needs of different individuals. This means that you’ll have to offer your employees the flexibility to choose how and where they work for you over time.

This is why many companies are setting up work-life balance and flexibility improvers such as napping rooms, health bars, and fully-equipped recharge stations. They are also encouraging more remote working options.

Think of your employees as individuals who work differently; create different spaces for them with layouts that adapt to different moods.

6. Be Bold With Furniture

Say goodbye to the soulless and boring furniture. The modern office design will display more color and personality.

Employees today react better to office design that amazes, stimulates, and makes it exciting for them to come to work daily.

This means you’ll be seeing more colors, more shapes, and more decor in the workplace: mainly bright, bold tones, and polygonal designs.

Consider replacing your neutral, tepid furniture with more lively tones and bold pieces—but don’t go overboard. If indecorously done, excessive color can add to visual noise in the office and be disruptive.

SF Office Spaces

The year 2020 is expected to have many exciting workplace design developments — these 6 are just the tip of the iceberg.

Want to embrace or stay ahead of all these office design trends in a San Francisco office space? Call us at 1-415-865-6117 or utilize our online form and we’ll introduce you to some of the best deals in the city. We look forward to helping you find the perfect space for your business!