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Selling Commercial Real Estate: Tips to Make a Sale Fast

By Selling commercial real estate is not for the faint of heart. There are so many variables that can impact a sale. And even if you research the market meticulously, unexpected surprises can arise at any time.

San Francisco Tower

Selling commercial real estate is not for the faint of heart. There are so many variables that can impact a sale. And even if you research the market meticulously, unexpected surprises can arise at any time.


From a slow buyer’s market, to pesky due diligence requirements and noisy next-door construction sites—there are always challenges when listing Commercial real estate for sale. But with the right strategy in place and the right people on your team, you can secure an offer that sets you up for the future you have in mind.


In today’s post, we’ll be sharing everything a property owner should know about how to sell a commercial building.

What Are My Options for Selling Commercial Real Estate?


If you’ve been wondering how to sell commercial property, it’s always a good idea to start by reviewing the sale methods available to you.


Typically, commercial sales fall into one of three main categories:



An MLS Sale With Broker

Selling with a broker is generally considered to be the best way to sell a commercial property, as it’s the most traditional route. However, as with anything else, it should be noted that MLS sales have advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, listing on MLS sites means any broker or agent can view your property, which is great for exposure and securing a quicker sale. But on the downside, the fact that you are selling will become public knowledge.



A “For Sale By Owner” Listing

A for sale by owner (FSBO) listing refers to any private sale where the property owner manages all aspects of marketing the sale, without the assistance of an agent or broker. There are many FBSO websites where individuals can list their own commercial properties. But before listing, it’s always recommended that property owners research how to sell commercial real estate by owner, since there are some risks associated with choosing this method.



An “Off-Market” Sale With Broker

This is an excellent way to get commercial real estate sold—depending on the circumstances. The advantage of off-market sales is that they are completely private, so all offers and negotiations are done behind closed doors. Additionally, with private listings, the property is only shown to a handful of pre-qualified buyers, so the seller doesn’t have to worry about lookie-loos (with no intention of buying) coming to view their space. Lastly, off-marked sales also saves the seller time, since they don’t have to prepare the property listing on MLS sites.

Which Option is Best?

As mentioned above, the best method of selling commercial real estate is dependent upon the seller’s desired outcome, preferences, and circumstances. For property owners who do not want others to know they are listing their property, an off-market sale would be best. For those who are intent on getting their commercial real estate sold quickly, an MLS listing may be ideal.


Ultimately, it is always advisable to have an experienced realtor on your side who can help you navigate the finer details of offloading a property.

What are the Benefits of Working With a Realtor?

If anyone know how to sell commercial real estate fast, it’s a licensed, qualified agent. These individuals often specialize in a specific type of real estate and have a wealth of information about the local market in which they operate.


Below are some additional benefits:




Commercial real estate agents have access to a broad range of tools and networks that can help expose your property to the right potential buyers.




Time Savings

A commercial real estate agent can save you a ton of time. They will show your property to potential buyers for you, arrange and schedule viewings, and put together all necessary paperwork, leaving less work on your plate.




A knowledgeable commercial agent can ensure you secure the best possible offer for your property. They’ll come armed with comparables, the expected appreciation of your listing, and the net operating income of the space, along with other figures, that can justify your desired outcome.

Step by Step: How Will a Broker Sell My Commercial Property?

It’s normal to want to know exactly how a commercial real estate agent or broker will approach selling your property.


Below is a general breakdown of what agents do when selling commercial real estate:


  1. Conduct a property evaluation and meet with sellers to determine their goals.

  2. Prepare information packages for potential buyers, which includes pre-approval requirements, a blank copy of the real estate contract, the projected net operating income, and more.

  3. Produce other marketing materials as needed.

  4. Send listing information out to their personal network.

  5. Gather and complete the necessary paperwork (maintenance records, fire risk assessments, building regulations, etc.).

  6. Review and negotiate any letters of intent to purchase.

  7. Review and negotiate contract terms.

  8. Prepare title and closing documents.

Why Work With SF Office Spaces? 

If you’ve been researching how to sell commercial property by owner, or you’re wondering who to trust with your

commercial property for sale

, reaching out to SF Office Spaces is a wise first step.


Thomas has immersed himself in the San Francisco real estate market since 2013, representing both buyers and sellers of commercial properties. From startup spaces to medical offices, retail stores to special-purpose facilities, Thomas has the in-depth knowledge and wide-ranging connections required to help San Francisco business owners find the ideal property for their needs. 


He also has an expansive network of entrepreneurs and top-tier marketing skills, making him uniquely qualified to find and entice business owners who need a property just like yours.

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