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Startup Space

What I Offer for Startups

It’s no secret that the San Francisco Bay Area is a hot spot for startups. The region sees billions in venture capital each year and more young businesses are finding prosperity in the Bay Area. Our diverse culture, spirit of creativity, and tech opportunities make San Francisco one of the top cities grow a startup into a large corporation.

With so many startups vying for great startup office space, it can be a challenge for many to find a great office space that fosters an optimal work environment while also staying on budget. Office space for startups can be hard to find or cost prohibitive.

In a challenging commercial real estate market, you need an advocate who can help your startup find a place to call home that is not only affordable, but also a space that promotes creativity and productivity.

I have extensive knowledge of the market for startup office space in San Francisco, experience negotiating, and can help your startup find the best location at the best price.

How it Works

Unlike large commercial real estate firms, I don’t take a cookie cutter approach to clients looking for a startup office. I take the time to understand who you are and what your startup is all about. I want to hear about your goals and needs so I can use this in my analysis of available properties.

We’ll first get to know each other, and you’ll help me gain insight into what you are looking for and what you need. I’ll take this information and analyze available properties that would work well for your startup office.

I’ll present a few possible properties for your consideration. Once you’ve decided on a property, I’ll then advocate for you at the negotiation table to ensure you get the best deal possible for your new startup space in San Francisco.

Your Next Space

Finding a startup office can be an intimidating prospect. I’ll provide the necessary guidance and representation to help you find a space conducive to productivity and creativity. Contact me for a risk-free meeting and let’s begin finding a great office space for your startup.

Let’s Get Started

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Startup Office Space

If you’re looking for a startup office in San Francisco, you’re not alone. Many other startups are out there looking for the perfect office space, meaning you’ve got competition when it comes to finding a great space. The search for startup space in San Francisco is challenging, but not impossible. I provide one-on-one service for clients looking for startup office space to ensure you’ll find a property that fits your startups’ needs and goals. Whether your startup is a tech office looking for startup space in San Francisco, or any other kind of startup, there’s a great new space perfect for your needs just waiting for you to move in -- it’s just a matter of finding it and having a trusted professional negotiate a great price!

I focus specifically on office spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area, giving me an edge over other commercial real estate agents. I have extensive knowledge of what landlords and property sellers are looking for, which helps me connect tenants and buyers with great properties where they will prosper and work well with the landlord.

Once you’ve found the perfect startup business office space, it’s time to negotiate for a great price. I have experience working with brokers to secure the best price for you and for your startup’s budget. I’ll bring my knowledge of your needs and desires for your property and budget to the table, and work with the landlord or seller to strike a deal agreeable to both parties.

Whether you are looking for tech office space in San Francisco or your startup is in any number of industries, there’s an office space out there for you. Commercial real estate is hot for startups, especially in the Bay Area. We will meet and discuss your goals and needs for your startup business office space, and then I’ll get to work sifting through available properties to find a few that match your specifications. You’ll select the property that will work best as your startup office, and after working through negotiations, you’ll be ready to move in!

Though San Francisco is a hot spot for startups, there’s office space for startups just waiting to house your dream. Contact me to set up a risk-free meeting and we can discuss your startup, what you’re looking for, and your budget for your next startup office space.